Getting Creative with Kwanzaa


Ken Stiggers

Boneqweesha Jones: "Greeting, television viewers. I'm your back-on-the-scene reporter coming to you live from Jojo's Discount Dollar Store. I heard that Jojo and his staff are about to set the stage this holiday season with the premiere of Chief Crazy Brotha's theatrical play titled 'An African American Santa Claus Celebrates Kwanzaa.' Miss Doodle Mae Jenkins, associate store manager and marketing representative, is with me to provide some information about this event.

"Miss Doodle Mae, why doesn't Jojo's Discount Dollar Store have an old-fashioned holiday sale like the other stores?"

Miss Doodle Mae: "This holiday season, Jojo decided to move away from the status quo. So he asked for some creative input from his staff. Chief Crazy Brotha, our store display manager, cashier and resident playwright, suggested that during store hours members of the Ghetto Science Team Repertory Theatre perform an abbreviated version of his play, 'An African American Santa Claus Celebrates Kwanzaa.' Jojo and the staff loved Chief Crazy Brotha's idea and approved the play to be performed on Christmas Eve in the gift-card section of the store. Jojo loves to treat his customers with dignity and respect. He believes in providing them with low-priced items and thought-provoking entertainment."

Boneqweesha Jones: "Please give my viewers a brief summary of 'An African American Santa Claus Celebrates Kwanzaa.'"

Miss Doodle Mae: "It's a play about a depressed African American male, haunted by the ghosts of poverty, unemployment and apathy, who experiences hope and cultural awareness through the celebration of Kwanzaa."


Turtleread 6 years, 3 months ago

You always make me laugh so hard I nearly fall out of my chair. I love your characters.


satiriststiggers 6 years, 3 months ago

Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.

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