Question o' the Week: What Is Your Favorite JFP Moment?

For the inaugural YOU page, we posed this question to members of the JFP Nation on social media. Here's what you told us:

Melissa Kelly: "The real faces of the Affordable Care Act (by Adam Lynch). Of course, my girl was one of them, but I thought it was excellent and needed."

Emily Braden Knight: "The chick in the crown!" (She is referring to the chick then-intern Natalie Irby borrowed from a feed store to "model" for the 2004 Chick Issue cover. Photographer James Patterson photographed it at his gallery, and designer Jimbo Harwell Photoshopped a crown onto its little head—see this issue's cover.)

Lynne Lott Schneider: Casey Parks' award-winning 2005 feature about Pro-Life Mississippi, including clinic protester, Roy McMillan, and his wife and doctor, Beverly. "That was the first story I remember that jumped out and said someone is a darn good reporter and writer! Very in-depth and very fair to the subjects." And: "On a community outreach note, the work you and other JFP staff did with Murrah's Hoofbeat newspaper before I was an employee there."

Tom Head: "Adam Lynch's last big feature—on Phil Bryant—which completely changed my assessment of the governor-elect. I seem to remember a feature about Amy Tuck, some years before that, that also blew my mind. The domestic-violence pieces Donna Ladd and Ronni Mott, wrote which covered ground nobody else had covered before in Mississippi. And the (Frank) Melton coverage—that goes without saying. The Dee/Moore slayings. I could go on."

Sheila A. Bedi: "The Tyler Edmonds story (about kids tried as adults). The pieces you did in the early days of the training-school abuse scandal."

Jayne Jackson: "My favorite is always the 'Best of Jackson'!"

See jfp.ms/jfpmoments to add your own and for links to stories mentioned above.


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