Question o' the Week: What should President Obama's top priority be going forward?

Tom McWilliams: Jobs. Jobs, and more jobs. We have got to get people working again.

Jess Herrington: New jobs and freeing up energy companies during the 

MsHollypd: Debt must get better. I want to be able to get my Social Security when I get older. I want to be able to retire before 70 years old. Stop giving all this SSI away to people who don't really need it.

Jeremy Polk: Getting rid of the NDAA and indefinite detention.

Ralph Watson: 1. Fixing our voting process--this day and age we as Americans should never have to wait to vote. We all have Social Security numbers and know how to use phones or mail ballots. 2. Green energy=green jobs. Did you know Mississippi is one of three states that do not have reverse metering legislation? Yet we're in the second best zone for solar. 3. Fix the filibuster in the Senate.

Michael Kennedy: We must ALL work together going forward on a myriad of issues--the economy, women's equality, health care, securing the Medicare Trust, civil and equal rights for all citizens. It isn't ONE man's job. It is the responsibility of all citizens and especially the electorate that voted him in to propel the causes forward. Yes, President Obama was re-elected. But the work is only half started. WE must push forward and ensure that the mass of agendas, priorities, rights, and ideals become reality.

Chris Land Sr.: Job creation.

Kim Sisson: End the Bush tax cuts now.

Richard Perry: After job creation, election reform, then immigration law reform.

Chico Harris: Proper attention to returned and returning soldiers.

Cindy Hornsby: 1. Job creation. 2. Immigration reform 3. Reproductive Bill of Rights 4. Election reform

Andrew Forbes: 1. End tax breaks for the 1%. Implement modest tax breaks for the middle and working class who will actually spend their disposable income, boost local businesses and thereby help create jobs. Use the rest to repair/improve the nation's creaking infrastructure. 2. Health care reform. Get what's been done carved in stone and then start work on a rational, equitable, single-payer system (can you tell I'm British?). 3. Keep hammering at equal pay and protecting reproductive rights for

Kathleen Conner Strickland: The environment.

Kiya Beaman: Education. ... It all starts with education

@docinmiss The budget.

@pookiener Fixing the budget.

@burch_will Bipartisan unity.

@UnfilteredInMS Deficit/debt reduction.


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