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"The Deal With a Racist Devil," Donna Ladd's editor's note last week, called for Republicans to reject the racism of the party's southern strategy to appeal to bigotry.

"This is one of the most powerful, thought-provoking pieces on the Republican agenda and the 2012 election to date. I, too, thought we'd evolved to a point where we were no longer fooled by the motives of those who were enjoying their privileged positions at the expense of everyone else. Racism, sexism, and other "isms" raise their ugly heads most when times are hard, and the privileged elite promotes a brand of propaganda that says we should blame the victim rather than the architects of an unjust system."


"Outstanding analysis, Donna Ladd. Kudos to Jackson Free Press for your honest and forthright contribution to Mississippi's conversation about race and racism. With much appreciation!"


"Donna, I have been reading your commentary for some time but this piece is so good I had to comment. I grew up in a much better environment, but during all the desegregation issues in Virginia. My family was concerned when I moved here, too. We have taught our children to respect all and treat all as equals. Fortunately, even in this environment, they are very open and accepting, unless they encounter someone like you did where they need to leave. You are so right about all the backhanded comments and innuendo that is so prevalent especially here in Mississippi. Thank you for all you and your team do to keep publishing JFP with the content that is sorely needed."

— kensteere

"As a white male conservative in Jackson, Miss., I fall into your broad brush description of a racist. But I'm not a racist. Therein lies the problem. What about me and people like me?"

— tyler


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