Life and Art on the Coast


Living on the Coast, artist Kyle Byrd is inspired by and often sculpts boats.

The "Our Beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast ... A Way of Life" art exhibit features native Mississippians Lyle Peterzell's photographs and Kris Byrd's ceramic boats.

Peterzell was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He has worked at the National Gallery of Art, photographing oil paintings and sculptures. Now, Peterzell is self-employed as a freelance fine-art, museum and commercial photographer. Ninety percent or more of Peterzell's photos are taken on the Gulf Coast, in or around Jackson, Harrison and George counties.

Byrd was born in Pascagoula and has been an artist for 39 years. After painting for 20 years, she tried a new medium––clay. Clay was difficult, but Byrd enjoyed the three-dimensional qualities. In her opinion, the most wonderful thing about living on the Coast is the boats. Although she makes other forms—bowls, cups, etc.—boats are the most fascinating and satisfying for her to sculpt.

The exhibit is located at the Mississippi Library Commission (3881 Eastwood Drive, 601-432-4111) through June 29 and is available for viewing Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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