10 Things to Know for Friday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that people will be talking about today.

  1. A HIGH-ENERGY NIGHT AT THE GOP CONVENTION--Romney plunges into the campaign's final 67 days focused more than ever on jobs and the economy.

  2. CLINT EASTWOOD GOES OFF-SCRIPT--Taking the podium, the actor turns in a bizarre, unscripted endorsement of Romney.

  3. ISAAC LEAVES SOGGY MESS AS IT HEADS INTO NATION'S MIDSECTION--Louisiana residents without power or clean water face days of misery.

  4. COLORADO SHOOTING SUSPECT TRIED TO CALL DOCTOR--Defense says 9 minutes before the theater attack, James Holmes dialed an after-hours number hoping to reach psychiatrist.

  5. WHY THE FINANCIAL WORLD IS HANGING ON BERNANKE'S WORDS--At 10 a.m., the Fed chief will deliver a speech that might give clues about his next moves to strengthen the U.S. economy.

  6. HARVARD PROBING POSSIBLE EXAM CHEATING--The allegations concern a take-home final exam, and now the university is considering an honor code.

  7. A LAST GOODBYE FOR NEIL ARMSTRONG--Lunar pioneers will attend a private service at 11 a.m. in Ohio for the hero-astronaut.

  8. HOW TO SUCCEED IN COLLEGE: SLEEP MORE--A campus-wide "flash nap" is one way schools are spreading the word that rested students are better students.

  9. CORONER REVEALS FINDINGS ON STALLONE'S SON--Sage Stallone died at age 36 from natural causes due to a heart condition.

  10. A PALACE FOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL--A gleaming $60 million field of dreams opens tonight in Texas. (Where else?)


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