Millsaps College Recognized as a Top Educational Value

JACKSON, MISS. -- Millsaps College is the best college in the state of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama based on student satisfaction, postgraduate success, four-year graduation rate and competitive awards, according to Forbes’ most recent list of America’s 650 Top Colleges.

The rankings are designed to assist families in choosing a college based on getting the most quality for their tuition dollars.

“The Forbes’ rankings are the only major rankings that evaluate colleges exclusively on outcomes such as student satisfaction, graduates’ employment success and low student debt rather than inputs such as the size of the endowment or spending on academic programs,” said S. Keith Dunn, senior vice president and dean of Millsaps College. “Millsaps is proud to be recognized for the positive impact the college has on its students.”

The Center for College Affordability and Productivity, in conjunction with Forbes, compiled the list using five general categories: student satisfaction, which includes freshman-to-sophomore retention rates and faculty evaluations; postgraduate success, which measures alumni job placement, pay and professional achievement; student debt, with penalties for high debt loads and default rates; four-year graduation rate; and competitive awards, including prestigious scholarships such as the Rhodes, Truman and Marshall.

Millsaps is also among 21 private universities and colleges nationwide named a “best buy” in the 2013 Fiske Guide to Colleges.

Millsaps is the only institution in Mississippi to earn the “best buy” honor from the annual guide published by former New York Times Education Editor Edward Fiske. All of the best buy schools fall into the inexpensive or moderate price category, and most have four- or five-star acdemics ratings.

The Fiske Guide names Millsaps as “the strongest liberal arts college in the deep, Deep South and by far the most progressive” and notes that what differentiates the school is “its focus on scholarly inquiry, spiritual growth, and community service, along with its Heritage Program, an interdisciplinary approach to world culture.”

The Fiske Guide’s recognition of Millsaps is affirmation of the value of a Millsaps education, Dunn said.

“The value of a Millsaps education makes it worth the hard-earned money our students and their families pay to come here,” he said. “Their investment pays off with-rounded, broadly educated, and highly employable graduates.”

The guide includes these comments from students:

· ‘“Millsaps is the perfect package,” says a freshman, “strongly academic, small enough to build relationships, yet big-thinking enough to build the mind.”’

· ‘“The quality of teaching exceeds my expectations,’ says a student.”

· ‘“We offer the sort of prestigious education generally only available in New England,” a junior explains. “Millsaps is a magnet for accomplished students from strong backgrounds and the kind of college not usually found in the South.”’


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