B-Ball, Saints and Long Seasons

It's time, once again, for thoughts from around the sports world.

The Men's and Women's College Basketball Championship Games will be over by the time this is printed. My crystal ball says Kentucky and Baylor both won, because those two teams have the most talent.

The Women's Final Four already won with its venue. I loved the backdrop of the mountains on the court as the teams play in Denver.

Bill Parcells going to the New Orleans Saints would be great for both parties. The Saints need a one-year stopgap for the Sean Payton suspension, and I figure Parcells doesn't want a full time coaching job.

Speaking of the Saints, I have to agree that the club is going to circumvent the "Rooney Rule" about interviewing minority candidates. Everyone knows whom the Saints want, and if Parcells says yes, it's a forgone conclusion.

New Orleans players are lawyering up in case fellow NFL players decide to sue them over bounties. I feel it is not likely to happen unless the NFL gives suing players airtight proof.

Sean Payton is appealing his suspension but it is not likely Roger Goodell will give him any slack. Maybe an impassioned plea will get him a reduction, but the commissioner is making a statement.

Mississippi State has hired Ricky Ray, a Clemson assistant coach, as their new head basketball coach. I have not heard of Ray, but I give credit to Scott Stricklin for not recycling a coach out of the game and giving an assistant a chance to be head coach.

Ray is the first African American head coach in Mississippi State history. The challenge for Ray will be getting the talent at MSU to play up to their potential.

Major League Baseball starts up in April and will end in October (or is it November now). The season is just so long, I can't stay interested for all 162 games. Wake me up for the All-Star game and the final two months of the season.

I feel the same way about the NBA and the NHL. It is tough to get into these long seasons. I think that they're one reason football has become the top American sport.

Finally, kudos to the Miami Heat for getting together as a team and taking a picture themselves wearing hoodies to bring awareness for Trayvon Martin. LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have a chance to reach kids of all races in effort to make the world better.

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