Parade Recovery Tips


Time to go home—Elvis has left the building!

Many folks consider the Mal's St. Paddy's Parade the best day of the year in Jackson, and we all want to make the most of it. However, after all the revelry, the next day can leave you with regrets (or at least a headache). Here are 10 tips to help you recover from the fun.

• The best offense is a good defense. Before and during the parade, remember to hydrate properly. Alternate drinking water with your adult beverages. And not to go all "mom" on you, but remember to wear sunscreen.

• Locate your car. If you were responsible, you didn't drive, but you'll need it to get home and continue your recovery. If you stayed at a friend's, leave them the thank-you happy that you brought with you, because you knew this would happen and were prepared. If you stayed elsewhere, just put on your sunglasses and sneak out. We won't tell.

• Grease up! Slather on some lotion (to protect you from sun's damaging rays) and head to your favorite breakfast place for some greasy food.

• Hydrate again. Drink water, Gatorade or whatever. (If you really overdid it, a secret weapon is Endurox, a recovery drink marathoners use. Get it at Fleet Feet Sports in Ridgeland, 601-899-9696). After all, St. Paddy's is a marathon of sorts.)

• Sweat it out, if you can. It may not be pretty, but if you can make yourself get to the gym, it can actually help.

• Sleep. Wake up and move to the couch. Find a bad TV marathon, and nap some more.

• Aleve. Good for the head and also any muscles sore from dancing on the pole at Hal & Mal's.

• Recycle your beer cans and bottles, and your beads. Being environmentally responsible will help ease your conscience of any guilt feelings.

• Get a pedicure. It's relaxing, plus you have spent the whole previous day standing up, and your feet are tired.

• Remind yourself that it's only once a year, so it was worth it!


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