Administration Reveals Deep Military Cuts; GOP Spends $1 Mil Reading Constitution

While the GOP spent its time today in the House reading a politically-corrected version of the Constitution for the cameras (at an estimated cost of $1.1 million) Raw Story reports that the Obama Administration has announced cuts to the military that nearly meet the GOP's first-year austerity pledge. Think they timed that one on purpose?

The $78 billion comes in addition to $100 billion in cuts that Gates directed the Pentagon to find in May. In a Thursday news conference, the defense secretary said that the armed forces had successfully found $100 billion in savings over the next five years and the Army, Navy and Air Force would get to reallocate that money to combat-related projects. As a part of the cuts, the Pentagon is expected to end the Marine's Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, a 40-ton amphibious landing craft being developed by General Dynamics Corp. A ground-launched missile system being developed by Raytheon Co. is also on the chopping block.

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