[Kamikaze] A Fresh Start


Brad Franklin

2010 could be described as "the best of times and the worst of times" for the Franklin family and me. We always have high hopes and expectations, but sometimes life throws you a few curve balls. It's those surprise occurrences that test your mettle.

Last year ran the gamut of great highs and crushing lows. In March, we celebrated the birth of our daughter, Bralynn Jamila. And let me tell you: After several attempts and several prayers, you can understand why we call her our "little miracle." In September, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Marriages are hard work, and making it through your first year is an achievement.

Family stood front and center in our lives in 2010, but with great joy comes great sorrow. This winter indeed became one "of our discontent." Within the span of only a few weeks, I lost my maternal grandmother, and my bride lost her mother. Both women were the matriarchs of huge families. My "Big Mama" left us only a little over a year after my mother passed. It quickly re-opened a wound that hadn't fully healed. Queen's mother had become my mother after my mom passed. Her sudden passing was something you can never be prepared for.

Just as we figured things couldn't get any worse, the wife went under the knife for a nagging back ailment that had slowed her considerably since our baby was born. At Christmas we were confined to the home, and your friendly neighborhood rabble-rouser was doing mommy and daddy duties solo while the Queen recovered. Needless to say, our year didn't end with a bang. 2011 couldn't get here soon enough.

New years bring new beginnings. And this year hopefully can help heal those memories left from last year. Corporate America and I are taking an extended break from one another—it's no place for a free spirit. Much like politics in this town, our business leaders aren't ready to turn the page and think outside the box. I'm no yes-man. So, box: This is me, leaving.

I made money for a lot of other people in 2010, and I figure it's time I put in some of that work for my family's benefit. It was either now or never, and with the family's blessing I'm stepping out on faith and going back to being my own boss. So say hello to OurGlass Media Group. That's me putting my public relations and management experience to use.

Already, I have been contracted to host TV23's "Direct Line." My radio show, "A Closer Look," is returning to MPB radio this spring, and the video show my company is executive producing, "The Edge," will debut in February.

Things are indeed looking up, yes? Add to that, the little one has started walking at 9 months. Next stop for her: the governor's mansion.

Jackson, it's a fresh start. This year, let's pledge to make "revolutions" and not just "resolutions." There is no better time than the present to begin that change. Make this the year to do what you've always dreamed of doing. Right above the lowest valley is the highest peak, and you are the only thing stopping you from reaching it.

Have a happy new year, everyone.

And that's the truth ... sho-nuff.

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Classmate, glad the family is going better and death is hard; but your missing loved ones want you to keep pushing forward and making them proud. I wish the "Queen" a speedy recovery. Kaze, do you and I wish you and your family the best in the New Year and beyond!



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