House GOP Freshmen Throw Lavish Party

Story out of Politico.com suggests that not everyone in the GOP is happy about the lavish fundraiser that's planned for GOP incoming freshmen this week. The $2,500-per-plate event features a show by country star LeAnn Rimes -- and an opportunity for top-shelf lobbyists to meet and greet the right-wing Congressional newbies. (Rimes recently admitted to an extramarital affair, writes Politico, giving rise to the argument that the entertainment choice isn't currently a "family values" paragon.)

With Republican leaders anxious to set an austere tone for their ascendance into the House majority this week, the lavish fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday night at a trendy Washington hotel to benefit a dozen GOP freshmen is not exactly the populist image leaders are anxious to project. House Speaker-elect John Boehner, whose name was featured on the invitation, is nonetheless skipping the event at the W Hotel, where lobbyists, political action committee managers and others paying the $2,500 ticket price will be treated to a performance by country music star LeAnn Rimes (a $50,000 package includes a block of eight tickets and a "VIP suite" at the W). The office of incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor, another featured invitee, was noncommittal Monday night when asked whether he'd attend.

Anyone surprised?


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