[Stiggers] Teabonics and Wii the People


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "These days my boss, Jojo, is happy because the hot summer has transitioned into the cool fall. And he's ready to please critically thinking and financially challenged shoppers with inexpensive and thought-provoking items. It's time for the ‘Get Your Mind Together' arts, crafts and games sale.

"Jojo is sure that you'll enjoy the following items:

"The ‘Teabonics Sign Board Kit' combines the wholesome fun of arts and crafts with the expressive emotion of a tea-party protest. Become a part of a ‘Patriotic Resistance'! Let the true you shine with protest signs made and written in the ‘new dialect of the English language.' Teabonics thesaurus and dictionary is included.

"‘Battleship 2010: Democrats vs. Grand Old Tea Party' is the modern-day version of the classic Milton Bradley game of naval strategy. Your family, friends and enemies will enjoy this very competitive game. Take a stand and fight back, Democrats. The Grand Old Tea Party is on a mission to search, beat your butts, and take over the House and Senate. Just don't end up saying: ‘You sunk my battleship.'

"‘BP Oil Spill Clean Up' is a board game shaped like the Gulf of Mexico. The objective of this game is to find out who is responsible for this mess.

"Finally, the ‘Wii the People Stimulus Fund Game' speaks for itself. The objective of this game is to stimulate the funds of ‘We the People.'

"Remember: Everything at Jojo's is still a dollar."


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