Jackson Launches Fall Garden


Walton Elementary School students broke ground on a community garden Friday.

On Friday, Sept. 24, students at Walton Elementary School began planting a fall garden on Tougaloo Street behind their school. The garden is part of the city's urban garden program, which Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. announced earlier this year.

The students will play a large role in maintaining the garden throughout the year, and will work with the local neighborhood to plant vegetables such as cabbage and collard greens.

This spring, Johnson announced the first garden location on the corner of Capitol and Adams streets. The goal of the garden program is to connect community members, teach youth entrepreneurial skills, reclaim empty lots, and provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the community.

For more information on the city's urban garden program, contact Beth Hamilton at 601-960-0462.

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This is great! I'm very excited for the kids to get to connect to plants and gardening in this way. It's also a way to turn an eyesore vacant lot into a plus for the community. Please follow up & let us know how these are projects go along...thank you



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