Set Do-Able Goals

My main goal on the Road to Wellness has been to turn trips to the gym into a habit -- instead of a chore. That's tough for a guy who has never prided himself on a ton of will power. I do it three ways. First, I tell myself that every trip to the gym can last as long (or as short) as it needs to. Most of the time I get in 45-60 minutes on the elliptical, my cardio of choice, even if I didn't feel like I'd spend that much time when I'm on my way in the gym. But if 30 minutes is all I feel like doing, I'll stop. Something is better than nothing, and lowered the bar just a bit makes it easier to get to the gym. Second, I've convinced myself I don't have to go every day -- but I should "earn" the days I don't go by getting there the next day. If the Saints play Monday Night Football, that means I can skip an after-work session, but only if I double-down the commitment to make it on a Tuesday. That keeps me on track for at least 3 sessions and week, and usually four -- which is pretty good considering I wasn't going at all a few months back, right? Third, I recommend prepping for the next gym session right after your last one. For me, that means refilling my water bottle and sticking it in the fridge, making sure my headphones go right back in my gym bag (I've got a special $2 set just for the gym) and locating a clean towel. That way, when the next gym day comes around, I'm ready to change shoes, walk out the door and get on with it -- without finding an easy excuse for putting it off.


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