Bumps in the Road

My Road to Wellness started all uphill but positive and has somehow taken a nosedive into procrastination, health issues, and sweets. What the heck happened and how did it all happen at once? I'm not exactly sure, but what I DO know is that it's time to pick up the pace once more.

Wii Fit - ignored mainly due to scheduling conflicts. When I want to use it is when I'm at home of course. And when I'm home, my husband is at home. Not a big deal you might think, but it has become one. See, the TV is in the living room. To get through the house, you walk through the living room. So when I'm trying to balance on that little board and focus, I can't have someone trying to get past me. Workouts don't have pause buttons but that's what I'd need to use it! Bah. I'm sure there's a solution that doesn't involve kicking the hubby out during my workout but I haven't found it yet.

Sweets - Oh no, the sweets. Who keeps bringing donuts and cakes into this office? I can turn up a lot of sweets but handmade and darn tasty ones like we seem to have around here are impossible for me to ignore completely. At least I do portion control when I eat these things, but I shouldn't even be nibbling on them. I've neither lost nor gained any weight so that's something I guess.

Water - Ok, so I'm doing pretty good here. I'm probably more hydrated right now than I've been in a long time. Include my sudden decrease in coffee consumption and I'm like an aquababy on the inside.

Less screen time, more book time - I'm not really reading any more than I was. I AM, however, sitting at the computer less. More socializing has been great. This weekend alone I attended Rock Band night at a friend's house, a TweetUp, the Roller Derby, the Circus, and made new characters for an upcoming D&D game. I also played too much DragonQuest IX though.

Health issues in general - Eeeeh. Maybe it's age, but what the heck? I have this mysterious, reoccurring eye issue that hasn't been diagnosed by the three doctors I've been referred to. At least they agreed on the treatment for the symptoms, disgusting steroid eye drops that do the job with brute force. Also my blood pressure has slowly been creeeeeping up. I need a suggestion for a general practitioner I can see in the South Jackson area... it may be time for blood pressure medication, I don't know.


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