[Stiggers] Taken My Blues


Ken Stiggers

Chief Crazy Brother: "I always thought no one would mess with history. I truly believed that history is absolute like science and math.

"Since hearing about Governor Haley Barbour's revision of civil-rights history during a conservative television talk show and Glenn Beck's tea party march on Washington, I am forced to reconsider my previous thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, I conclude that some individuals revise history, perhaps for their own convenience or benefit. Actually, I should have realized how folk revise history after reading Langston Hughes' poem titled ‘Note on Commercial Theatre' from his book ‘The Weary Blues':

You've taken my blues and gone—
You sing 'em on Broadway/And you sing 'em in the Hollywood Bowl
And you mix 'em up with symphonies/And you fixed 'em
So they don't sound like me./Yep, you done taken my blues and gone.
"Wait! Instead of ranting about this issue, I should reflect these remaining lines from Mr. Hughes' poem:
But someday somebody'll/Will stand up and talk about me—
Black and Beautiful—And sing about me,
And put plays on about me!/I recon it'll be
Me myself!/Yes, it'll be me.'

"Now that's what I call being proactive. I guess I'll counteract those revisionists by ensuring that history—pertaining to me and others—remain as absolute as possible.

"I'll see if my boss, Jojo of Jojo's Discount Dollar Store, will allow me to organize a Native and African American history preservation display in aisle seven and a half."


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