Julep Fried Chicken, Oh How I Love Thee

I would love to say that I have been good. I would REALLY love to tell everyone this. But, in order to keep a clean conscience and for the sake of my spiritual well-being, I must admit that have been cheating. And not just a little. I've really been indulging. I had Julep fried chicken for lunch last week. Yes, that melt-in-your-mouth completely satisfying Honey Rosemary Fried Chicken. Honey + Chicken?! How better tasting can you get? USA Today really knew what they were talking about.

Although the scale doesn't reflect my diet as of late, I know that I'm doing my body an injustice by eating this way. I've also been feeling really tired lately. I think this lack of energy may be a direct result of my having eaten ZERO fruit or vegetables in the last three weeks. I'm afraid my cholesterol might be on the rise again. It's time to get serious if I want to feel good about myself and the way I'm treating my body.

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??? I agree with the part about how Julep's fried chicken is delicious.



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