Autumn Accents

Many people do their best dressing in the fall and winter months. This year should be no different, as trendiness is pretty easy to get a handle on. This year's tres-chic possibilities are endless for the fall/winter season, and it's easy to tackle two trends with one stone—a top or skirt or bag.

En vogue fundamental pieces for the season include animal prints; ruffles and lace; military-inspired dresses, jackets and accessories; capes; boots, booties and more boots; a little red and purple. And don't believe the hype: Black will always be the new black.

A warning: Though you may incorporate multiple trends into one look at any given time, less is always more. Add one or two of these trends to your everyday wardrobe, and you're a fashionista ready to give tips to your friends.

It may look cool in a picture, but don't mix too many animal prints together at once. Jungle fever isn't always a good thing.

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