Not Bad.

Thanks to ShaWanda, I had a relatively healthy emergency lunch replacement. I came without a mid-day meal (I've been a brown-bagger all my life) and was fully expecting to silently go hungry until I got home tonite. But what did I find but Skinny Bagels!

Skinny bagels!

They're called Bagel Thins. They're flat bagels, not nearly as dense as normal ones due to the size but they have the right texture still and are a little more moist than usual. They only have 110 calories each, too! Then the light cream cheese she brought only had 60 calories per serving. No, this is not an ideal meal. But it's a pretty healthy snack to tide me over between that delicious peach I had for breakfast and the handmade yakisoba burgers my husband is grilling for dinner tonite.

As a side note, I've been buying burger buns of this style lately and I like them a lot. Tough enough to hold the burger and all its components together but not as dry as a pita pocket and about 100 calories in it too. I love finding new meal components like this, things that cut out the unnecessary filler calories so I have more room for veggies. :)


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