Peaches Restaurant


Wilora "Peaches" Ephram (left) and her son Roderick Ephram have made Peaches Restaurant a Jackson staple, but it hasn't always been easy. You can help them out.

Peaches Restaurant has been a soul-food Mecca on Farish Street since Wilora "Peaches" Ephram first opened the doors in 1961. Her son, Roderick Ephram, is proud of the rich history and symbolism his mother's restaurant has in the city of Jackson. While Peaches doesn't have a formal mission statement, Ephram says, "Just know that it's Jackson's original soul food restaurant."

Along with the delicious food, a bit of history comes with the Peaches experience. During the civil rights era, leaders of the Movement dined in the restaurant, and President Barack Obama made a stop at Peaches Restaurant during his trip to Jackson while on the campaign trail.

Ephram says that Peaches has a positive influence, mainly because the restaurant welcomes everyone with open arms. His mother's goal, he says, is to feed the people—even the ones who were homeless. This kind of warm welcome may be why Peaches Restaurant has been successful for so long. The restaurant had been the only eatery to open on Farish Street in more than 25 years, until F. Jones Corner opened last year.

The city is making moves to revitalize the historic Farish Street area, once a thriving African American community in the heart of Jackson before desegregation and urban renewal. Many businesses are again looking to become a part of the entertainment district.

Asked what advice Ephram would give to someone looking to open a new business, he says to make sure that you are passionate about what you want, and have a passion for your location—just like Ms. Peaches.

Peaches Cafe is located at 327 N. Farish St., and is open daily at 11 a.m. Call 601-354-9267.


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