JFP Forums Are Back!

Last year we switched from using the Forums script here on the JFP site to something I was calling the "Community Blog," mostly because it allowed us to integrate recent comments from the Community Blog into the "stream" of comments we get on stories and more "official" blog entries. Well, that didn't work -- few enough thread of discussion got started that I've decided to return to the original Forums.

You'll notice a tab at the top of the JFP index page interface, a Recent Activity stream at the bottom of the index page (which may or may not stay -- jury is still out on that one) and the topics are once again active at http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/index.php/forums/. Enjoy!

(Note: If you're logged in using Facebook Connect, note that you may occasionally need to return to a JFP story to log in before you can post in the forums. A glitch between the two that I'll need to get figured out based on our Facebook Connect implementation.)

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Well, I for one am certainly glad to see this again- thanks!



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