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Doctor S sez: What do you call a sunny day following two days of rain? Monday.

Thursday, May 6
Southern League baseball, Birmingham at Mississippi (7:05 p.m., Pearl, 103.9 FM): For some reason, whenever the Barons come to town I start craving pizza.

Friday, May 7
College baseball, Arkansas at Ole Miss (7 p.m., Oxford, ESPNU, 97.3 FM): The Rebels and the Razorbacks begin a series that could decide who wins the SEC West. … Mississippi State at Auburn (6:30 p.m., Auburn, Ala., 105.9 FM): The Bulldogs need a miracle if they're going to make the SEC Tournament. But there won't be any miracles in the Lousiest Village on the Plains this weekend.

Saturday, May 8
College baseball, Jackson State at Mississippi Valley State, 2 (1 p.m., Itta Bena): The Tigers venture into the desolate Delta to duel with the Delta Devils. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the Devils just about have the SWAC West sewn up.

Sunday, May 9
Southern League baseball, Birmingham at Mississippi (2:05 p.m., Pearl, 103.9 FM): The M-Braves and Barons conclude their brief homestand with a matinee.

Monday, May 10
Southern League baseball, Mississippi at Chattanooga (6:15 p.m., Chattanooga, Tenn., 103.9 FM): The M-Braves head for the mountains to play the Lookouts. Tantrum alert: Phillip Wellman is returning to the scene of the crime. (Look up his name on YouTube if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Tuesday, May 11
PDL soccer, New Orleans at Mississippi (7 p.m., Millsaps, Jackson): Brilla kicks off the season against the Jesters at Harper Davis Stadium.

Wednesday, May 12
Major League baseball, Atlanta at Milwaukee (6 p.m., SportSouth, 620 AM): It's the Chop vs. the hops when Milwaukee's old team, the Braves, faces Beer City's "new" team, the Brewers.

The Slate is compiled by Doctor S, who roots for the food when he watches "Man vs. Food" on TV.

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Dr. S what do you think about the Coach of the New Orlean Saints, Sean "pass the dope" Peyton, being accused of stealing drugs from the team? I knew the Saints were likely on something but I didn't know the coach was too. I know my boy Roethlburger is having tailend problems and I'm not talking about the running backs. Roughburger can't seem to stop taking icecream from young college-aged drunks who are advertising their goods for take. Doesn't he know by now they they want you to look at it, want it desperately, but not have it. Every boy has to learn that. As to Tiger Woods I say give him back his white girls so he can play golf well again, but I hope he learns this time it's better to pay the women alone than them and Gloria Allred. A pig need slop, a dog a bone, a mule water, et al. You know what I'm saying! As far as Lawrence Taylor is concerned it looks like he summoned and purchased the wrong piece of tail. It's so sad what happened to this child even before she got to Mr. Taylpr, who I know wouldn't have messed with her if he had known her real age. He's about to find out that ignorance of the law is no excuse. I hope they hang the pimp and I never believed Lawrence beat up the girl. He's a lover not a figher unless playing football and looking for dope. Now he's going to have to claim some strange crap to try and evade jail. He'll probably claim that he just looked at her while he made love to himself. How awful for the greatest defensive player of all time to have to resort to. It' better than jail I guess.



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