[Stiggers] Do the Hustle


Ken Stiggers

Brotha Hustle: "At this time of the year, the only thing on poor people's mind is 'Tax Refund.' So, they grab their W2 statements and run to one of those well-known tax-preparation places. Last year, Rev. Cletus volunteered several of his Double-Dutch Church Buses to take ghetto residents to various tax-preparation centers. The Ghetto Science Team Community Service Board concluded that the Double-Dutch Church Bus method wasted too much time and fuel. The community service board decided on a more efficient method to serve ghetto residents during tax season. They commissioned Aunt Tee Tee and me to provide financially challenged individuals with convenient access to financial services through the Hustle Family Mobile Financial and Tax-Preparation Service.

"Big Deacon Jones, head mechanic of Rev. Cletus Car Sales, refurbished a Mister Ice Cream truck as a favor to Aunt Tee Tee. Aunt Tee Tee and I transformed the ice-cream truck into a small mobile office, complete with small desk and file cabinet, printer, credit-card reader and administrative supplies. Aunt Tee Tee and other trained financial and tax-preparation specialists will use company laptop computers, with tax-preparation software and high-speed wi-fi cards, to file taxes.

"Also, the Hustle Family Mobile Financial and Tax-Preparation Service will have mobile tax-preparation agents at Clubb Chicken Wing during Hot Wing Happy Hour. Let the Hustle family help you get your tax refund quickly and efficiently with the Mobile Financial and Tax-Preparation Service."


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