Jackson Sees Sharp Drop in Major Crimes


Major crimes in Jackson decreased 18.1 percent last week, according to statistics (PDF) released at a Jackson Police Department command staff meeting this morning. Officers reported a 14.2 percent decrease in property crimes and 35.7 percent drop in violent crimes from the previous week.

Each of Jackson's four police precincts reported overall decreases in crime, with Northeast Jackson's Precinct 4 reporting the most dramatic drop, from 60 to 40 total crimes. Precinct 3 in Northwest Jackson was the only precinct to report an increase in property crimes, largely due to a slight increase in house burglaries. Commander Ron Sampson told command staff that Precinct 3 officers have arrested six burglary suspects in the last two weeks, which he hopes will lead to a decrease in the precinct's burglary numbers.

Also at today's meeting, Chief Rebecca Coleman warned command staff to "pay close attention" to department employees' use of the city's Fuelman gas cards.

"We're still having a lot of (violations) that are coming through," Coleman said. Many of these are minor infractions, she said, citing as an example a time that she accidentally filled a city vehicle with the wrong type of gas.

Coleman added that the city is in the process of developing new policies for the Fuelman cards.

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I be damn, Frank was stopping crime after all, and we lard behinds didn't notice it during his life time. Murders went down nearly 50%. Who'd thunk it? Rest in peace, player. Your fruits are now being realized for all to see. I know you're smiling down on us and saying I told you dimwits I could do it.



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