Memory Boxes


Each year, I try to make a homemade valentine for at least one person I care about. This is also the time of year I'm short on cash, and getting crafty is a great way to save money.

This year I made a memory box for my sister. The boxes are useful alone, or they can be a unique way to present a gift to the one you love. For memory boxes, all you need is a little paint, photographs, Mod Podge and your imagination.

What you'll need
One small wooden box
Acrylic paint in the color of your choice
Original or photocopied photographs
Sequins, glitter or magazine cut-outs
One 8-ounce bottle of Mod Podge.

Making a memory box

Step 1: Paint the box evenly. You may need two or three coats.

Step 2: When the paint is dry, arrange photographs, sequins and magazine cut-outs on the outside of the box, using Mod Podge as an adhesive.

Step 3: When the materials are dry, cover the entire box with Mod Podge using even strokes. Wait for it to dry. (Note: Mod Podge might look cloudy going on, but it always dries clear.)

Step 4: Personalize the box by signing your name and a message.

Step 5: Fill the box with candy or a small gift and allow the box to dry completely overnight before giving it away.


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