There Should be a Disclaimer

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There should be a disclaimer at the bottom of TicketMaster's webpage that reads something along these lines: "This agency was only able to afford 30 minutes of this entertainers' time. Therefore, you are paying $46.10 to sit through 2 hours of mediocre opening acts, and, honestly, we advise you to keep your money."

That would have saved me a lot of time, money, and frustration. I'm referring to the Robin Thicke "concert" I just got back from, and everything described above was a component of my negative experience. As one lady rightfully pointed out in the lobby afterwards, "Why put on a show in the first place if you can't pay to have a GOOD show?" Too true, ma'am.

And let me tell you, I wasn't expecting a fireworks show, but I was expecting a solid 45 minute set. This same woman had gone to another Jackson show for Thicke and said it lasted an hour or so, with his band in accompaniment (the band was not there tonight). The blame can't be placed on poor, sexy, chicken legs Robin, who doesn't make these decisions, and probably doesn't care either way. I'm placing blame on the entertainment agency who booked Robin in the first place, if they knew they could only afford a scanty set.

I gathered through shout-outs that some attendees came from several counties away to come to the show in the Capitol city. What kind of message does this send? It was like looking at Frank Melton's administration on stage, really. I was hoping through the terrible openers that Robin was not backstage because he would have walked away with a bad impression of Jacksonians and Mississippians alike. Maybe next time, Jackson, people with money AND brains can bring in big name entertainment.


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