Your Rx Kit

Nothing is worse than being sick, but being sick your first time away from home can be particularly rough. Grab a container with a lid and fill it with these must-have items. Keep it nearby in your dorm, and you'll be ready to hit the books (or the parties) again in no time.

• Pre-packed first-aid kit with bandages, antiseptic and ointment (see Redcross.org for a complete list).
• Bottles of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for headaches, body aches and fever.
• Thermometer.
• Your favorite flavor of cough drops.
• Cold and allergy medicine (daytime and nighttime formulas).
• Medicine for nausea and upset stomach.
• Saltine crackers.
• A can of your favorite soup. Chicken noodle is always a popular choice (or fake, organic chicken noodle if you're a vegetarian).
• Bags of your favorite herbal tea.
• Tissues.
• Toothbrush (there's nothing better than a new toothbrush after being sick).
• Hand sanitizer.
• Multi-vitamins .
• Peppermint essential oil to breathe through a headache.
• Lavender essential oil to take the sting out of mosquito bites; breathing the scent will help you sleep.
• Antiseptic spray for post-sickness room decontamination.


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