Checkin' it Twice


Going to college is a big transition for everyone, and even with your preparation, once you're there, you'll find you've forgotten something from home. This semester, check off all your needed items to make sure you start fall 2010 off right. Then make your room a new home and your roommate a new best friend with these tips (be sure to print first, then check-off).

__ Shower Shoes
__ Flashlight
__ Full Length Mirror
__ First Aid Kit
__ Storage Containers
__ General Cleaning Supplies
__ Trash Can and Small trash bags
__ TV, stereo, personal computer
__ Backpack
__ Mop, broom, dustpan
__ Alarm clock
__ Desk lamp
__ Bedspread/comforter/sheets
__ Three-prong outlet adapter
__ Memo Board
__ Calendar
__ Robe/ shower products
__ Bathroom Caddy
__ Clothes Hangers
__ Umbrella

Dorm, Sweet, Dorm
• Use storage containers with different compartments. Matched properly, you can disguise them as furniture such as nightstands.
• Bunk beds save space.
• Use closet dividers to separate your clothes from your roommate's.
• Store things under your bed.
• Prior to moving in, arrange with your roommate who is bringing what to avoid duplications.
• Keep your room clear of clutter and trash, which can cause odors, arguments and, worse, bugs.
• Although you and your roomie might be complete opposites, try to come to neutral ground when decorating. Clashing colors and décor makes a room look cluttered.
• Add some nice wall art.
• Placement is important. Pushing everything against the wall will make the room uninteresting. Instead, try putting furniture at angles in the corners.

Be a Good Roommate
• When listening to music, use earphones unless you and your roommate agree on the music and volume.
• Earphones are also handy when your roomie is studying or sleeping.
• If you and roommate decide to share dorm snacks, be considerate and share 50-50. Don't be a hog.
• This goes for cleaning, too. Keep your side of the room as tidy and odor-free as possible. Imagine that grandma is standing over you telling you, "Clean that room!"
• Have cleanup schedules. You and your roommate can alternate weekends for chores like sweeping, dusting, mopping, or cleaning mirrors and picture frames.
• Don't let guests overstay thie welcome.
• Always ask, even if you've made sharing arrangements; never assume your roommate will be OK with your taking something of his or hers.
• Be considerate of your roommate's beliefs, whether religious, political or personal.
• Unless you and your roommate agree, don't smoke or drink.


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