Barbour Declares Day of Prayer


Gov. Haley Barbour has declared today a "day of prayer" to commemorate the Mississippians who suffered losses in Saturday's tornadoes and last week's oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi counts 10 of the 12 deaths reported from tornados that ripped across nine southern states Saturday, and in the aftermath of an explosion on a Gulf BP oilrig on April 20, 11 workers remain missing and are presumed dead.

"The past few days have been tough for many Mississippi families," Barbour said in a release. "We have lost loves ones to a tragic event off the Louisiana coast. Many of our communities are starting the recovery process after surviving the most severe storm we've seen since Hurricane Katrina. Once again, we will show the nation our strength of character and integrity as we help our neighbors recover from these tragedies."

Mississippians are rallying to support those left homeless due to last weekend's tornados. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is distributing food, bottled water and ice and is removing debris. To make a donations, go to the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service website or call 888-353-1793. Those wanting to make donations and/or volunteer can also visit MEMA's website. Donations are also being accepted at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds, Brandon City Hall and Yazoo County Human Services, located at 224 E. Broadway Ave.

The Mississippi Red Cross is taking in survivors who need shelter at three locations: L.T. Miller Community Center, 930 Lamar Ave., Yazoo City; Choctaw Community Center, 895 College St., Ackerman; and Lexington Municipal Complex, 22521 Depot St. Lexington. Find additional information on the Red Cross website.

On the coast, crews are racing to protect the Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida coasts from an oil spill that had covered more than 1,800 square miles in the Gulf yesterday, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island reports The Washington Post. An underwater leak resulting from last week's explosion is spewing 42,000 gallons of oil into the ocean every day, threatening to come ashore in the next couple of days.

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Day of Prayer? Is Franklin Graham invited? What about some imams too? Why not instead of having a day of "prayer," which I assume means just pointlessly sitting on your knees talking to yourself, why not have a day of "actually cleaning shit up?"



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