[Stiggers] Naked Truth


Ken Stiggers

Boneqweesha Jones: "This is a ‘Qweesha Live' television news special report! Let's go to TaaQweema Jenkins, Suma Cum Laude graduate of Hair-Did University School of Cosmetology, reporting live from the Ghetto Science Team's Museum of Fine Arts and Culture, where the controversial Brother Sylvester, Christmas Missin' Toe artist, has another thought provoking exhibit titled ‘Breast-N-Plants: Exposing the World to the Naked Truth.'"

TaaQweema Jenkins: "Brother Sylvester has pushed and shoved the envelope straight out of the box with some very incendiary works of art. What inspires you to create and produce such art?"

Brother Sylvester: "I'm inspired by people, places and current events in our society. I'm compelled to counteract injustice, intolerance and impatience with the stroke of a paintbrush or pen. Therefore, my artistic creation mirrors and exposes the major quirks within our society."

TaaQweema Jenkins: "So you're like that little child who told the emperor that he was truly ‘butt naked.'"

Brother Sylvester: "I call it like I see it."

TaaQweema Jenkins: "Describe some of your artwork for our viewers."

Brother Sylvester: "The first piece is an enlarged black-and-white photo of a sign I noticed in the waiting room of a doctor's office titled ‘Sign of the Times: No Dogs, Negroes, Mexicans or Supporters of Health-Care Reform.' The second piece is a line drawing of a nude figure looking out from a second story window titled ‘Naked Truth: An Alternate View.' It's my ‘window seat' tribute to singer Erykah Badu."


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