[Stiggers] Little Bit of Change


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "Finally, it looks like this winter's cold spell has broken. Trees covered with white blossoms decorate the ghetto landscape. The street corners and hangout spots are alive with unemployed folk, winos and beggars. Longer days provide more time for children to play on the playground. Roller-skating seems to be a popular recreation for teenagers. Some adults have already made plans for seasonal barbeques and picnics. DJ M-Dog drives his chandeliered hoopty with loud music blasting out of the large speakers. Mister Ice Creamy Man has plenty of gas for his truck and lots of frozen treats for pleasurable consumption. And Grandma and Grandpa Pookie's ghetto wonder garden is abundant with fresh veggies. Yes, indeed, spring has sprung in the ghetto.

"Jojo and the entire staff love this time of year—as the cycle of life flashes new pictures of hope. While preparing for my shift at the cash register, Jojo said to me: ‘Despite the cold weather, hard-hearted people, tough times and limited funds, warm, sunny days and the presence of people bring me joy—resulting in a lot of customers shopping at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store!'

"This season Jojo's Discount Dollar Store has added two new vendors: Momma Root Doctor's Herbal Remedy Emporium and The New and Improved Brotha Hustle Juicy Juice on Ice and Smoothie Bar. So bring a big ole smile and that little bit of pocket change to spend at Jojo's, where everything is a dollar."


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