Downtown At Dusk Photos

Two words: Awe-Some!

Downtown At Dusk was a phenomenal success -- so much so that they ran out of crawfish and had to get more -- and the bar at Underground 119 was slammed because the beer truck outside was overrun. Donna and I got a chance to talk to Mike McCree (Underground 119 owner) after the event had died down and morphed into a Jesse Robinson blues jam inside. Mike was exhausted from running around trying to solve problems due to the unexpected crowd, but told us he was very pleased at the turnout.

This thing was a group effort lead by Cynthia Buchanan (Jackson Chamber) and John Gomez (Downtown Partners), sponsored (and conceived) by folks at Entergy and made possible by many other "alphabet soup" Jackson warriors like the JCVB, Underground 119, etc. Oh, and the weather and outdoor experience was phenomenal -- plus, Vasti Jackson playing as the sun goes down is worth every dime of free and more!

Photos by Kip Caven:

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