[Stiggers] Hot Fun in the Sun


Ken Stiggers

Momma Roscoe: "While enduring this time of economic gloom, Big Roscoe and I concluded that the recession will teach us all how to be thankful, resourceful and careful this summer. We really look forward to the arrival of ‘sista' summertime, when we ‘cloud nine' when we want to while the kids are out of school, and enjoy the county fair in the country sun. And everything, it's true!

"I asked my son: ‘Despite these trying times, can the Clubb Chicken Wing staff bring back those summer days Sly and the Family Stone once sang about? Big Roscoe replied: ‘Momma, if we made the best out of a bad situation before, I'm pretty sure we can do it again.'

"So, with our Ghetto Stimulus Package Grant, the Clubb Chicken Wing Multipurpose Complex staff will take you back to the time when you had most fun. We invite all financially challenged members of the Ghetto Science community to enroll in our ‘Hot Fun in the Summer Time' Summer Camp.

"Big Roscoe and I promise to use the grant money to hire a qualified staff (from the Ghetto Science Community) to coordinate and manage fun and educational events during the summer, such as the Ghetto Science Team Summer Basketball League (held at the Clubb Chicken Wing Outdoor Sports Complex), Aunt Tee Tee's IC3 computer literacy class and Brother Hustle's Juicy Juice on Ice Daycare.

"For more information about the H.F.I.T.S.T. summer camp, call 1-800-HOTT-FUN, and boop-boop-ba-boop-boop when you want to!"

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I would love to teach the game of golf to kids in Summer Camp. Since the Multipurpose Complex can travel back in time, I will need my Bootsy Collins cut out star glasses. I can taste that bologna sandwich right now. I can't wait to hear what Aunt Tee and Big Roscoe have on their Ipods.

Philmore Jones


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