[Stiggers] Y'all Mart Hookup


Ken Stiggers

Brotha Hustle: "Aunt Tee Tee pitched a great idea for our Ghetto Science Tube viral video show: videotape men and women hooking up for a date while shopping at the local suburban Y'all Mart. I heard that this trend has been going on for a while. I never imagined that one could get his or her ‘mack' on at Clubb Y'all Mart. We had to see this phenomenon for ourselves.

"With the help of two Y'all Mart employees, Aunt Tee Tee and I rigged some wireless webcams, microphones, a surveillance monitor and VCR in the home & garden and hardware aisles of the store. Hit the record button, Aunt Tee Tee, and let's call this ‘Love Connection Mating Session #52009 1/8.'"

(Nice Lookin' Sista browses the aisle in search of lawn equipment. Brotha on the Prowl approaches the woman and initiates a discussion.)

Brotha on the Prowl: "Can't find what you want? Maybe I can help."

Nice Lookin' Sista: "Are you an employee?"

Brotha on the Prowl: "No, pretty lady. But I might have the tools you need, such as a weed whacker, lawn mower, hedge clippers and size 16 boots."

Nice Lookin' Sista: "What's the cost?"

Brotha on the Prowl: "A lien on your property."

Nice Lookin' Sista: "I'm afraid you're trespassing. You have three seconds to leave before I beat you down with my Sista Church Hat five-pound rebuke-and-beat-down self-defense purse."

Brotha Hustle: "Definitely a money shot! I see a million hits for this video already!"


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