NFL: Brett And Brad Go Out On A Date

NFL legend Brett Favre appears hell-bent on unretiring. Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress reportedly met with No. 4 on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Favre's agent, Bus Cook, was insisting that Favre is retired. Uh huh. Cook has turned into a master of helping NFL QBs move around. A few weeks ago, he put together Jay Cutler's escape from Denver for Chicago. When will this NFL national nightmare end?

The Clarion-Ledger's Rick Cleveland succinctly described the best policy when you're trying to figure out what Favre will do:

Forget the old saying that where there's smoke, there's usually fire. With Brett Favre, where there's smoke, there's a towering inferno.

No. 4 says he plays for the love of the game. What he really plays for is the love of the fame.

The Brett Watch has begun again.

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Word is that this meeting never took place. Bus Cook acted as if he knew nothing about a meeting. But I told several people after Favre retired that I don't believe he is retired until I don't see him in someone's uniform during the NFL's opening weekend.

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