[Stiggers] Converter-Box Conspiracy


Ken Stiggers

Brotha Hustle: "Ghetto Science Television presents the premiere post-digital transition edition of "The Hustle Report." It's been one week since the digital television transition deadline. Did you get your analog-to-digital converter box, yet?

"My cousin, Money Hustle, a family conspiracy theorist, refuses to use a converter box. He believes the DTV transition is a ploy to force poor folk to subscribe and purchase high-priced services from cable and other telecommunication companies offering cable TV, high-speed Internet and telephone. And when a financially challenged subscriber cannot pay for the whole bundle, he or she will lose the privileges of the information age, from the remote to the cable modem.

"According to cousin Money, the analog-to-digital conversion is a conspiracy to exclude important information from the general public. Already, converter-box users have complained about the poor reception of Ghetto Public Television and the local news.

"Aunt Tee Tee and I believe there is some truth in cousin Money's conspiracy theory. This is why Aunt Tee Tee and her team of ghetto-telecommunications specialists are collaborating on a secret project to build affordable analog-to-digital converter and cable-television boxes, along with Internet and telephone services. Financially challenged individuals can choose which bundle or service they want. No hassles or scams. Eventually, this collaborative project will evolve into an independent telecommunications company providing dignity and fairness to the financially challenged community.

"Welcome to the new Aunt Tee and Tee!"


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