Wine to Go


Beginning July 1, that unfinished bottle of wine at your restaurant table can go home with you, thanks to the Mississippi Legislature. No more will you have to decide between the wines by the glass or by the bottle, because what you don't finish can travel back to your house for dinner tomorrow.

"Certain restaurants will offer wines only by the bottle, but consumers may want to drink a glass of that particular wine," Mike Cashion, the executive director of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association told MPB. "This gives the best of both worlds, where those consumers can go ahead and order that bottle of wine, you know, drink one or two glasses, recork it and take it home with them, without feeling compelled to consume the entire bottle at one sitting."

Cashion says the group lobbied for the new law for years. Restaurants must put the unfinished bottles in special bags or cork them with special lids.


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