State Paid 9,300 People in Error

Mississippi's Medicaid program paid Part B Medicare premiums for approximately 9,300 ineligible people, possibly since 2003, according to WAPT. Those payments were made after the state determined the recipients were no longer eligible.

Medicaid spokesman Francis Rullan … blamed it on a private company that handles Medicaid billing. Officials said Medicaid will try to recoup the money from the billing company.

Part B Medicare premiums run about $96.40 a month, according to Medicare. Those premiums are usually deducted from Social Security checks.

Mississippi Medicaid has not said how much money the state has paid in error, but calculating 9,300 individuals at $96.40 monthly for six years comes to more than $64 million.

The story says the recipients, who may be reevaluated to determine if they requalify, will for the moment have to pay their own premiums.


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