Mississippi: You should probably move here

With sadness that I will not be in attendance for the Writer's Spotlight in Jackson this Saturday, I decided to show my love for my home state in the following lyric. Enjoy.

You Should Probably Move Here
By Bryan Doyle

Well I heard that your state might be sinkin',
Deep into the briny sea,
Or maybe all that trash has got you thinkin',
'bout leaving Texas, or New Jersey.

There's riots and there's floods and there's earthquakes,
Toxic waste on yonder beach.
And all of those hipsters down in N-Y-C,
Start to suck just like a leach,

You're sick of sand shorts and surfin',
You've had all the tofu you can take.
Well, lookie here time's a-wastin',
You just move to the Hospitality State

Some people think,
our state is lame.
They're wrong. Just wait and see.
Four S's and Four I's.
Mississippi's right for me.

Well ridin' on a cow can make you tired.
And sure it's hot as hell, that's true.
But I've got B.B. King and Robert Johnson,
For the minute that I feel a little blue.

Ridin' Rodeos, and square dancin',
We farm like mad all day,
You might think that I'm lyin',
Shoot, listen what my uncle's got to say:

"Well, I'm an A-merican hero,
and I'll treat ya like my next of kin.
It sure was mighty nigh-ice to meet ya,
Now get out of my yard, and give me my chicken!"

Some people think,
our state is lame.
They're wrong. Just wait and see.
Beneath a Yazoo sky.
Mississippi's right for me.

Catch the Writer's Spotlight at The Commons Gallery on North Congress Street on Saturday, 7:30-9:00 p.m. Bryan Doyle is a freelance writer currently living in Washington, D.C. Contact him at doyleberg[at]gmail.com.

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