Governor Leads Southern Energy Conference


Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour joins Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens today in Biloxi to lead a two day energy summit titled "Southern Energy: Abundant, Affordable and American." according to the Sun Herald. At the same time, the Southern Growth Policies Board, chaired by Barbour, meets regarding energy-related economic development.

The SGPB meeting is "sort of a prelude for other things coming our way," said Barbour's communications director, Buddy Bynum, citing the national governors' meeting in July.
"They'll be enjoying our hospitality for a couple of days," Bynum said. "They will get a firsthand look at the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It should have a pretty good economic impact on the (area)."

Barbour's SGPB chairmanship has been focused on energy, Bynum said, and the governor "knows the South has phenomenal resources that if used appropriately, can help the nation achieve the goal of energy independence."

Pickens, an oil tycoon, entrepreneur and philanthropist, will give the keynote address at the group's Tuesday luncheon. Pickens is well known for the $58 million advertising campaign to get the word out about "The Pickens Plan," which was designed to reduce the United States' dependence on foreign oil.


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