Brown: Governor Will Cut School Funding


Rep. Cecil Brown, D-Jackson, warns that cuts mandated by Gov. Barbour's budget means stiff cuts to education and possible property tax increases.

State Rep. Cecil Brown is warning that Mississippi's children will be the ultimate losers in the current budget battle if the governor gets his way. In an e-mail sent to his constituents and forwarded to the Jackson Free Press, Brown, who is chairman of the House Education Committee, warned that the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, MAEP, is on the governor's hit list of programs to cut.

Adjourning yesterday after failing to reach an agreement on the 2010 budget, Brown accused Gov. Haley Barbour of being the roadblock to the process.

"The final impasse occurred because the Governor would not allow the Senate to compromise with the House position on full funding for public education," Brown wrote. "Instead he insists on cutting K-12 to put money in a savings account for future years.

"The House has consistently supported full funding. Both the Senate and the Governor claimed to do the same during the last election. Now the Senate wants to cut teachers for gifted and special education programs and the Governor has gone back on his word and proposed major cuts to public schools across the state.

"Late Wednesday it appeared the House and Senate had reached an agreement that would protect K-12, balance the budget and prevent substantial layoffs of state employees. Unfortunately, the Governor intervened with the Senate and killed the deal," Brown wrote.

Brown also reiterated his commitment to Mississippi's kids and teachers, saying that he will continue to fight for MAEP.

"We can still reach an agreement and have a budget by June 30, but it won't happen as long as the Senate and the Governor care more about politics than they do about teachers and kids," Brown wrote.

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Elsewhere, the Guv is denying his involvement. I understand Cecil might be playing it up for the home crowd and all, but I don't trust any of them to report the truth of the matter.


I agree... I just can't stand the fact that funding for our schools is always the very first thing that Republicans want to cut....



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