[Stiggers] The New GM


Ken Stiggers

Rev. Cletus: "It's Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church radio broadcast, live and in listening color! Before I begin with the show, I must do a couple of shameless plugs. I want to inform everyone that a new GM car dealership is in town. Don't worry; it's not a bankrupt General Motors transformed into Government Motors. It's the beginning of Ghetto Motors: home of the affordable and green hybrid hoopty.

"Thanks to the Ghetto Stimulus Package, my faithful and skilled deacons and I have added a combination car assembly line and factory next to the car sales lot.

"Your car-selling pastor invites you to visit 'Rev. Cletus Car Sales' to purchase hybrid hoopties such as the Hond-a-lac (Honda and Cadillac),Volvolet (Volvo and Chevrolet) and the Folkswagen Beetle (Ford and Volkswagen Beetle). Save money and our environment by owning a hybrid hoopty.

"On another note, the Ghetto Science Team, Nurse Tootie McBride, Hair-Did University School of Cosmetology and I have a great educational and recreational opportunity for the children during their summer break.

"This new, summer event is called the Vacation Bible, Cosmetology, Medical Technology and Skilled Trade School. Rev. Cletus Car Sales Church education ministry wants to train the children of the ghetto to be highly skilled workers, successful entrepreneurs and good mechanics in this post-racial and technological age.

"If Booker T. Washington can do it, so can I. And the beginning to a secure future starts with the Vacation Bible, Cosmetology, Medical Technology and Skilled Trade School.

"End of shameless plugs. God bless."


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