Conversation of Movements


"I started practicing Capoeira because I was fascinated with its harmony," says Ivory "Magia" Harris, instructor of the summer Capoeira classes at Butterfly Yoga in Fondren.

After practicing martial arts and kung fu for more than 10 years, Harris began studying Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form made up of movements relative to dance, games and martial arts. Although Capoeira's original purpose was self defense, it has evolved into a more acrobatic, fluid series of movements that avoid aggression.

"However, if I wanted to perform Capoeira maliciously, at any point I could destroy my partner," Harris says.

Not only does the art form help increase strength, but Capoeira also teaches discipline and control. Butterfly Yoga is offering a six-week session of capoeira classes for $60 beginning June 14. No background in Capoeira is needed; Harris will take the class from the very beginning by teaching the most basic and essential movements.

Harris' energy is contagious, and his enthusiasm is quite motivating. Be prepared to learn a little history behind this beautiful art form as well.

"I want people to understand that Capoeira is a conversation. We are not trying to destroy each other. Everything we do is in a friendly manner," Harris says.

Butterfly Yoga will offer a free demo Capoeira class Sunday, June 7. Call 601-594-2313 for more info.


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