The Diamond Wars

Before you choose your wedding bands, or even an engagement ring, pause to consider the ethical implications of your jewelry purchase. Mining precious metals and gemstones is dangerous to the environment and can involve questionable labor practices. In some areas, jewels such as diamonds are smuggled to fund wars and other unsavory activities.

To make sure that you are getting a conflict-free diamond, choose a diamond from Canada, Australia, Russia or stable parts of Africa.

Reputable jewelers should be able to show you Kimberly Process Certified diamonds, which are known to be from safe sources. And if you want to make an even more eco-friendly and ethical choice, shop for used or vintage rings or patronize companies that specialize in making fine jewelry from recycled gold and platinum and repurposed gemstones. Some retailers will even help you recycle your own old jewelry into a beautiful new heirloom piece that fits your values.




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