Valentine's Job Cuts Coming to Clarion-Ledger?

As if it hasn't been bloody enough with The Clarion-Ledger—which has cut 25 percent of its positions in the last few months, as well as shrunk news coverage—the Gannett Blog is reporting that more layoffs may be coming to the Gannett Corp.-owned newspapers as soon as early February. Jim Hopkins writes:

I understand some publishers are now assembling lists of employees targeted for layoff; such lists would go to regional group presidents for initial approval as soon as this Friday. Any layoffs could begin the first week of February, in time for savings that would be booked starting in Gannett's "Period 2" accounting cycle.

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What is it with Gannett and holidays when it comes to layoffs? First Christmas and now Valentine's. I guess they have no, uh, love for their employees.

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