[Stiggers] Stimulate My Wallet

Smokey Robinson McBride: "In the midst of a financial meltdown, wealthy folk seem very worried about their shrinking funds because broke folk have decided to horde their hard-earned money. It's time to give back to the financially challenged individual who is just getting by on Main Street. And from what I see regarding the amount of money coming from the stimulus plan, some folk are just plain stingy. That's enough of my opinion!

"Let's do a little T.C.B. (Taking Care of Business) with some of the stimulus money awarded to our Ghetto Transportation and Car Sales division. Today, Bubba T., Lil' Ray Ray and Rev. Cletus are here to tell our Ghetto Science Team Wealth Distribution Committee what they plan to do with the money."

Bubba T.: "I plan to use the money to help finance some good runnin' trucks for my financially challenged brothers and sisters in the ghetto."

Lil' Ray Ray: "My plan is to buy needed car-wash and detail supplies to maintain affordable rates for my financially challenged customers."

Rev. Cletus: "Bubba T., Lil' Ray Ray and I need financing to produce the Hybrid Hoopty Mobile, an inexpensive and environmentally friendly car for the recession. Top mechanics from my church's deacon board have collaborated with Bubba T's Countryside Car Fixin' Team and Leroy Brown's Automobile Recycling Center to create the car for the common person. We need funding for tools and supplies to get these raggedy rides rolling off of the assembly line!"


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