[Sue Doh Nem] Price-Gouged Victims Unit

bu Sue Doh Nem

Mr. Announcement: "In a recessive economy, opportunists overwhelm financially challenged individuals on fixed incomes with inflated prices. As the price of gas and other necessities increases, poor folk commit desperate acts of retribution. Greed, desperation and retaliation are elements in the stories of the men and women of the Price Gouged Victims Unit."

(A large text graphic appears: "Law 'N' Order in an SUV.")

Doink! Doink!

(Another lower graphic appears: 'Protest rally at a gas and convenience store across the street from the Funky Ghetto Mall.')

Detective Boneqweesha Jones: "Nurse Tootie McBride has organized an anti-price-gouging protest rally at Mr. Habib's store! The Church Hat family, Grandpa and Grandma Pookie, Ghetto Science Team members, and disgruntled riders on Rev. Cletus' Double Dutch Church Bus have seized the area."

Detective Sammy McBride: "Yeah, that's my high-strung cousin Nurse Tootie, the consumer, civil and human-rights activist of the McBride family. We nicknamed her 'Sista Alice Sharptoness.'"

(Sammy and Boneqweesha jump into the SUV and drive to the protest rally. Upon arrival, the two observe protesters marching with their arms raised. The detectives exit the SUV and approach Nurse Tootie.)

Detective Sammy McBride: "Why are you having a protest rally, Tootie?"

Nurse Tootie: "Look up at the sign, cuz!"

(Sammy and Boneqweesha read the sign: 'Gasoline $3.75 per gallon.')

Detective Boneqweesha Jones (raising her arms high): "Gas at $3.75 per gallon is definitely highway robbery! This is a stick-up!"

Doink! Doink!


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