[Sue Doh Nem] Dollar Store Refuge

Miss Doodle Mae: "Greetings, financially challenged shoppers! Welcome to a new year of savings at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store. Jojo still believes I am as articulate as Barack Obama, so he asked me to address loyal and potential customers in these troubled economic times with an encouraging advertisement.

"As cold, harsh winds blow through the cracks of the raggedy dwellings of financially challenged people, the warm and friendly customer service and management staff of Jojo's want to make shopping affordable and enjoyable during this inflated economic recession.

"Unlike some folks in the government and corporate sectors, we know what matters to you. So, in 2008, Jojo's Discount Dollar Store will become a place of refuge for people trapped in the maze of politicians' promises, government officials' excuses, financial uncertainty and racial intolerance. The Jojo's Discount Dollar Store theme song for 2008 is Bill Withers' 'Lean on Me.' If you're not strong enough to handle your economic woes, allow the kind staff of Jojo's to become your friends. We'll help you carry on. Why? Because everything at Jojo's is a dollar!

"You might have a problem paying bills. Well, Jojo understands! We all need a store—with affordable products—to lean on. Remember: Jojo's Discount Dollar Store is also an alternative to the Y'all Mart franchise. Therefore, if you need a friend to help you save money, call on Jojo. He's such a good listener. Save your money and keep your sanity. Shop at Jojo's!"

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Jojo still believes I am as articulate as Barack Obama, ROTFL!!!! Obama's the new standard. :-P



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