the ten minute desk makeover

Fix your aches and pains quickly and easily by paying attention to how you sit at your desk.

*First, sit in your desk chair in front of your computer. Make sure that all of your body parts are in neutral positions.
*Your head should be facing straight ahead, with your back upright against the back of your seat.
*Don't lean your neck to look at the screen. Keep your neck straight and move your chair closer to or further from the computer.
*Use a desk chair that has armrests. Make adjustments so that your arms are resting on the armrests at right angles and your feet are flat on the ground.
*Use found materials to make any additional adjustments needed. Find a pillow, cushion or folded towel to ease a sore bottom. Duct tape old towels on to make soft armrests, then cover with nice fabric or tie on old bandanas.
*Sew a wrist pad to keep your wrists straight as your type. Fill with dried beans or rice and fragrant, relaxing dried herbs such as lavendar.
*Lastly, make sure that you have a good overhead light to prevent eyestrain as you sit at your desk.
*Stand up, stretch, sip some water and walk around when you start to feel discomfort at your desk.

Don't forget to make over your desk at home and at the office.

What do you do to improve your desk-sitting time?

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It's really difficult to find a good chair with arm rests when you have a case of Operator Spread. :) Anyhow, I have to follow these rules, considering I have a bad case of Carpal Tunnel. I'm at my work desk 8+ hours a day, and I type a lot. This is a really good article.

Lady Havoc

I like the lavender-scented wrist pad idea. :-)



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